Four Ways A Small Business Owner Can Benefit By Using Tax Planning Services

Keeping your small business in the black is often a day-to-day struggle, so you may not think that using a tax planning service is worth the time or the money. But taxes can siphon away the very profits you've worked so hard to achieve. The good news is that tax planning services for small businesses can help reduce your tax liability. The following are just a few ways you may benefit from these services.

They can optimize the type of business you have

The most common type of small business is the sole proprietorship. Unfortunately, this is also the one that is fraught with problems. Essentially, you are the business, and for this reason, it is easy to mix your personal finances with those of your business. The Internal Revenue Service is well aware of this and is vigilant in detecting fraud. It is common for the IRS to audit sole proprietors, so if you make mistakes in your books, you may end up paying more taxes, along with penalties. Tax planning for your company may include incorporation, which opens up many possibilities for tax reduction.

They can assist in maximizing your deductions for meals, travel, and equipment

There are rules for these deductions as well as other categories of expenses, but if you are incorporated, it is easier to adhere to the rules without raising a red flag, as you would with a sole proprietorship. A tax planner can explain how best to take advantage of these laws as they apply to your business.

They can assist in maximizing your deductions for health insurance

The way you deduct health insurance for yourself and your employees will depend upon the type of business you have. Even after you have incorporated, it will depend upon the type of corporation you created, because this will determine the method of deducting your health insurance. The area of health insurance can be complex, so setting up your business the right way will often minimize your tax liability by reducing your taxable income.

They can assist you with a retirement plan

You may be missing out on the amount of tax you can save without a defined benefit plan. Depending upon the type of corporation, and the amount of money you make in your business, you may be surprised how much money you can move into a retirement account. These plans can be complex and are dependent on many factors, including the number of employees in your business. A tax planner can discuss the options available to you and your business.

A tax planner will likely save you money on your taxes. This begins by looking at the type of business you have. If you currently have a sole proprietorship, they may recommend incorporating your business to open up a wide range of possibilities that will minimize your taxes, including health and retirement plans. 

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